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'Drama Queen'9 views(Keith Keppel, R. 2002). TB, height 38", early to midseason.
Tennison Ridge17 views(J. Begley by J. McWhirter, R. 1988). TB, height 38", early-midseason bloom, may re-bloom. The standards are solid burgundy; white falls are heavily stitched with a broad edge of burgundy which is also speckled across the falls; bronze beards; fragrant. From Iris City Garden.
'My Amigo'27 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered Sdlg.). TB, height 28" mid-season. Unknown parentage. Harvested seed from my collection of commercial cultivars and own bearded iris. Official registration and name pending.
'Liselle'19 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered, Sdlg. #101-2016). SDB, height 10", early season bloom. Vermillion standards, indigo midrib line and shading on base, open, ruffled; style arms peach, buff at edge; Falls vermillion, lighter at center, tan haft; beards periwinkle end; orange at middle, bright red-orange in throat. Official registration and name pending.
'Eni Elf'94 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered Sdlg. # 111-2016). SDB, height 9" mid-season. Glacial white, spring green petal base; baby blue beards. Official registration and name pending.
Time To Shine14 views(Paul Black, R. 1998). SDB, 14", late season. Standards and style arms medium blue violet; Falls medium blue violet, darker diffused red-violet spot around beard, white veined haft area; beards light blue white at end, red plum at center changing to orange in throat; ruffled petals, upright standards; pronounced sweet fragrance.
'Coalignition'27 views(Tom Burseen, R. 1991). TB, height 36", early to midseason bloom. Standards dark red maroon; falls sooty velvety black maroon; beards bright gold; ruffled; spicy fragrance.TB's Place 1993.
'Changeling'27 views

Last additions
'Golden Zebra'27 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom. Bi-tone; Standards very deep yellow, near orange; Falls deep yellow heavily striped brown.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'29 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'28 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'28 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Tennison Ridge' and 'King Tush'38 viewsBearded iris and columbine in border.Feb 09, 2017
Garden area midspring34 viewsFeb 09, 2017
Midspring bearded iris in garden area33 viewsFeb 09, 2017
Something for Everyone40 viewsFeb 09, 2017