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Private garden collection featuring irises

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Wee Whimsey20 views(E, Rieniets, un-registered) Micro miniature dwarf bearded iris. Leaves are 2-3 inches in length. This is the seedling in front of a tulip with a 6 inch measure between. Waiting for first bloom, hopefully this season. Bloomed with a few very small sky blue flowers, very close to the ground 2015.
'Green Chili'22 views(E. Rieniets, R 2016). SDB, height of stalk 10", midseason bloom.
'White Washed'33 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered). SDB, height 11" early season. Red violet standards, marked faintly with white; style arms red violet; Falls red-violet with a more pronounced white washed petal; beards white, bronze at throat. Official registration and name pending.
'Miraculous Molly'17 views(E. Rieniets, R. 2017, Sdlg.#004616). MTB, height 21", midseason. Registration requested, official registration and name pending.
High Master15 views(Barry Blyth, R. 2000). TB, 36" bloom stalk. Beautiful luminata pattern. Napa Country Iris 2009.
'Higher Love'7 viewsE. Rieniets, unregistered Sdlg. #152017). BB, midseason. Official registration and name pending.
"Clarence'17 views(Zurbrigg, R. 1990). TB, re-bloomer.
Gibson Girl16 views(Gibson, R. 1946). TB, height 36", midseason & re-bloom. Standards are large, inward curving and almost entirely rose-maroon; Falls soft cream heavily peppered with rose-maroon, long, downward drooping; whiskery ginger beards. From Iris City Gardens 2007.

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'Golden Zebra'22 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom. Bi-tone; Standards very deep yellow, near orange; Falls deep yellow heavily striped brown.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'23 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'23 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Golden Zebra'23 views(Sass, R. 1956). TB, height 34", midseason bloom.Feb 14, 2017
'Tennison Ridge' and 'King Tush'32 viewsBearded iris and columbine in border.Feb 09, 2017
Garden area midspring28 viewsFeb 09, 2017
Midspring bearded iris in garden area27 viewsFeb 09, 2017
Something for Everyone33 viewsFeb 09, 2017