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Private garden collection featuring irises

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Jacks Pick43 views(Bunnell, 2006) MT 22" late season. Gold standards, mauve veining and blush; golden styles; White falls heavily veined burgundy, solid petal tips, thin yellow rim; gold yellow beards tipped yellow. From Wildwood Gardens.
'Jazz Artist'4 views(E. Rieniets Sdlg. #CG07-2017, R. pending). IB, 20", late season. Standards golden yellow, lightly blotched & streaked dark plum, broken color pattern; style arms white yellow edge, crests golden yellow, large, fringed; falls golden yellow, blotched & streaked dark plum, broken color pattern, haft white veined dark golden yellow; beards white tipped orange yellow throat, white tipped golden yellow middle and end; ruffled and lightly laced.
Sent to Modesto, California as part of the quest iris request for the American Iris Society Convention, April 23-27, 2019 hosted by region 14.
'Artsy Craftsy'3 views
'Bee Friendly'29 views(E. Rieniets, R. 2017). SDB, height 10", midseason. Standards cream ground, veined and streaked blue violet, spring green midrib; style arms lemon yellow, large, fringed; Falls cream ground, center wash of dark blue violet, shoulders and haft golden yellow veined old gold; orange in throat, yellow center, end white.
'Bold Expression'14 views(Richard Ernst, R. 2003). TB, height 36", midseason to late bloom.
'Tingle'33 views(Paul Black, R. 2000). MDB, height 7", early bloom. Standards warm white, slight yellow gold veining, yellow gold base; style arms white; falls warm white, bright medium yellow spot and veined haft area, yellow wire rim; beards white at end changing to gold, yellow orange in throat; slight musky fragrance.
'Twirly Girl'4 views(E Rieniets, R. 2016). SDB, 8", late season. Standards golden yellow, base purple; style arms light yellow with hints of violet, blue-violet line in center, lemon-yellow crest; falls golden yellow, purple veining to edge bordering beard; beards golden yellow in throat, light blue tipped golden yellow in middle, royal blue end; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Sent as a guest iris for the Greater Portland Irises Society AIS Region 13 Spring Convention planned for May 2019.
Oriental Glory35 views(Salbach, R. 1952). TB, height 30", midseason. Red bitone of mahogany-red and mahogany-brown, violet-blue blaze; beards orange-yellow. From Hornbaker Iris Garden.

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