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Private garden collection featuring irises

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Early to Midspring29 views
'Bugsy'15 views(B. Hager, 1992. MDB, 6" mid-season. Miniature flower has soft yellow standards and short round falls that are deepest maroon. The falls are edged with the same yellow. Large orange-yellow beards. Cost $4.50 each.
'Blue Sapphire'119 views(Schreiner, R. 1953). TB, height 41", early season bloom. Gently ruffled pale blue, lighter blue at center of petals. Beards are soft blue tipped yellow. Dykes Medal 1958. Cost each $4.50.
'Naive Child'5 views
'Edith Wolford'10 views(Ben Hager, R. 1984). TB, height 40", Midseason bloom. Standards clear canary yellow; Falls mid-blue violet; blue beard tipped orange; ruffled. American Dykes Medal 1993
'Sweet Musette'6 views(Schreiner, R. 1986). TB, height 37" (94 cm). Late midseason bloom.
'Brown Bunny'11 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered Sdlg.). TB, height 33", midseason bloom. Standards golden yellow with hints of raw sienna; style arms goldenrod, violet at curve, hint of violet at center, tan crest; Falls white ground, almost solid white at center, mix of golden yellow & raw sienna plicata to edge, becoming solid thin line at edge; beards dark goldenrod, fuzzy, long; pronounced spicy fragrance. Official registration and name pending.
'All Hallows Eve'30 views(E. Rieniets, unregistered Sdlg. #103-17). SDB, height 9", early and re-bloom. Standards brilliant yellow; style arms golden yellow; Falls reddish brown with brilliant yellow veining haft; beards brilliant yellow. Official registration and name pending.

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'The First Blossoms of the Year'6 viewsEarly crocus first emerge late winter. Sometimes called snow crocus.Feb 18, 2018
'The First Blossoms of the Year'5 viewsFirst of 2018Feb 18, 2018
'Court Magician'6 views(Hooker Nichols, R. 1984). SDB, 11" (28 cm). Midseason to late bloom. Standards purple, white center blending into edge; Falls purple, white area around beard; blue white beard tipped bronze; ruffled; sweet fragrance. $4.50 each.Feb 16, 2018
'Doll'6 views(Keith Keppel, R. 1986). IB, Height 22" (56 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards rosy beige with champagne shadings; falls apricot cream ground, rosy mauve hafts and 1/4" edge; white beard tipped yellow orange, tangerine red in throat. Cost $4.50 each.Jan 22, 2018
'Sweet Musette'6 views(Schreiner, R. 1986). TB, height 37" (94 cm). Late midseason bloom.Jan 22, 2018
'Sweet Musette'6 views(Schreiner, R. 1986). TB, height 37" (94 cm). Late midseason bloom. Standards light pink lavender; falls warm rose pink; tangerine beard; serrated and lightly laced. Cost $4.50 each.Jan 22, 2018
'Supreme Sultan'5 views(Schreiner, R. 1987). TB, 40" (102 cm). Midseason late bloom. Standards Indian yellow; Falls chrysanthemum crimson; Indian yellow beard; ruffled and laced. Cost $4.00.Jan 22, 2018
'Sultan's Palace'6 views(Schreiner, R. 1977). TB, 34" (86 cm), Midseason bloom. Tailored rich maroon-red self; falls velvety and slightly ruffled; self-beard. Cost $4.00 each.Jan 22, 2018